For Homeowners

Welcome to a world of possibilities!

SoundWaves is pleased to introduce itself as your builder's preferred provider of structured wiring and home security. Thousands of new homeowners have entrusted SoundWaves with the important work of preparing their home for the distribution of incoming services and technologies.  The result is a new standard in enjoyment, comfort and communication. From home/office networking to home security to home theatre, the experts at SoundWaves deliver the finest in design, product, installation and service.  And because you make your choices now, it's all ready when you move in! SoundWaves team of professionals are ready to work with you personally, helping you to achieve every goal in the enjoyment of technology in your home.

The Heart of Your New Home

When building your new home, build for the world of today - and tomorrow - by integrating support for security, audio/video entertainment, Internet access, and much more into the house as it is going up. Even if you start with just the basics, it will be far easier and convenient to introduce electronic systems such as security and multi-room audio/video (and to ensure that they will work well together) than it would be if you were to add the wiring for those functions after construction.

We supply whole-house solutions including security, entertainment, and whole house cleaning systems, all built around leading brands that you can depend on for quality, performance, and ease of use, day after day, year after year.  Talk to your builder about what we can do for you.  Make sure you're building for the 21st century.

Things to Know

If you are building a home, you probably want to plan it for home electronics, now and in the future. Here are some simple things to consider: will you want music around the house? Will you have a computer or more than one computer? Will you have TV via antennae or cable or satellite or all of the above? Will you want room-to-room control? Will there be adequate telephone jacks? Will there be a home theater (surround sound)? Is paging, door answering a consideration? Would you prefer one set of controls for lighting, temperature, music, video, etc?

Lots of decisions to be made. However, these decisions are typically not high on the priority list of a new home owner during the early stages of building a home. Thinking about the modern conveniences of home electronics is sometimes put off until it is too late or at the very least much more costly. If you examine a few of your preferences before the drywall goes up, your electronic" after life" can be a lot more fulfilling.

What to Ask For

Most builders are not electronic specialists. They certainly know more about home construction than about home systems. That is why you will need to be persistent in most cases to get what you want. Many builders focus only on TV and telephone outlets and their placement. You may need to make sure you are getting all that you need and want. TV and telephone outlets should be home run to a central location (that is, each wire should terminate at a common central point). This facilitates easier changes in the future and provides the purest signal quality. For telephone, ask for data grade, category 5 wiring. This will server your internet requirements better. For TV, the RG-6 or Quad 6 cabling is superior and carries a higher bandwidth rating as well. Some people often ask about fiber optics. This cable is generally more expensive and competing standards do not necessarily make it a wise choice. With the great number of coax and telephone wired homes, the best bet is CAT5 and RG-6. Beyond TV and telephone is where you will need to make sure you have our wiring expertise to ensure success. Audio wire, control wire, door station, cameras, automation and local networks are all possibilities. Wiring for them may be the best money you spend on the "infrastructure" of the home. Many wise homeowners think ahead and make sure that, during the building process, future capabilities are taken into consideration. Taking the time to map out these possibilities is well worth it. Home theater is one of the most popular options that you may want to consider for your home. Home theater systems should make your movie watching experience more realistic and more convenient than going to a movie theater! Soundwaves has every thing you need for a complete home theater. We are proud to be THX certified dealers. We can advise you which components will look and sound the best in your theater room. We can provide complete theater decor and furnishings, including theater seating and acoustical wall and ceiling treatments. Complete your in home theater experience with accessories like marquees, posters even popcorn machines. Call us to discuss your custom home theater desires, consultation is always free. Don't delay.... the framers are moving quickly!